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FREE Single and Album Coming February 2023

                Eric Haynes Music

                 Concerts, Events &

                  Accolades Schedule


          Friday June 16, 2023, 5-10 PM 

          Album Release Party

          Maplewood Bar, and Grill

          Event Center

          400 7th North Street

          Liverpool, NY 13088


1. May 29, 2023, Watchfire Syracuse NY


2.Nashville Trip


3.March 28, 2023, Angel of Love was added to Playlist on Spotify the same playlist as God Made Dirt


4.May 26, 2023 “FREE” album CD was released.


5.May 30, 2023, performed at and attended Memorial Day Ceremony Met Assemblyman John Lemondes, Congressman Brandon

 Williams, and Mayor Syracuse NY Ben Walsh


6.May 25, 2023, Scott Braun Photography Professional Photo Shot


7.May 25, 2023, Interview with Wounded Warrior Project for 5th Feature article


8.May 16, 2023, Radio Stations played my music FB Post Air Play Direct


9.April 30, 2023, Angel of Love CD came out.


10.April 1, 2023, Vet Appreciation Played on Stage with Held Hostage for Second Time


11.March 9, 2023, Angel of Love Played on CBR Jay


12.February 21, 2023, Tale of Two Vets and The Belle Song Played on air


13.February 17, 2023, INTERVIEW WITH JAY B. Metal on Played Angel of Love, FREE, and Kobe Bryant Rap Tribute


14.November 11, 2022, Sang National Anthem for Syracuse Crunch AHL Hockey Team 6,000 people.


15.August 26, 2022, Performed the National Anthem at Syracuse Mets Stadium in front of 11, 000 people with my Viet Nam Buddy by My Side Whom I wrote “Tale of Two Vets” about. Also used this for my “FREE” Official Music Video


16.August 20, 2022, Paws Across America Wounded Warrior Project Benefit Concert Online Performed.


17.August 11, 2022, Fulton NY Elks Lodge Performed


18.July 11, 2022, Angels For 22 Award Presented to me Spoke about my Journey.


19.June 20, 2022, Ciara’s Service sang “Tears of Joy” with James


20.May 30, 2022, Featured by Iris Saint Maraen TV Channel 9 Tribute to Ciara interview.


21.May 30, 2022, Donna, and I lead the Jordan/Elbridge Parade with our Banner in Honor of Ciara, and I performed at the pre parade ceremony.


22.May 29, 2022, participated in my American Legion Post Flag Burning Ceremony as the Flag Presenter


23.May 24, 2022, CastleBlakk Radio “FREE” Played on air.


24.May 23, 2022, Great American Rock Album Release Party with Tim Ripper Owens Judas Priest, Three Tremors Colloca


25.May 21, 2022, Revealed my Album Cover for the first time on SM.


26.May 20, 2022, Ciara Went to Heaven


27.June 17, 2022, Video announcing Ciara’s Final Military Ride


28.June 12, 2022, 2nd Citizen did Feature article on Ciara Tribute “A Piece of Heaven.”


29.June 8, 2022, Photo Shot with Politician Julie Ann Abbott and Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh


30.March 1, 2022, Announced our Official Logo by Scott Braun


31.December 16, 2022, Performed on Princess Cruises Ship the real-life Love Board, at a private party.


32.December 5, 2022, awarded three awards for my music at the Reginal Creative Arts Show in Syracuse NY


33.December 2, 2022, 239th American Legion Post, Performed Private Party


34.“Sep-Oct 2022 Volume No. 51 TMM The Metal Mag” One of the World’s Leading Rock and Rolls Magazines, Highlighted on page 77.


35.August 22, 2022, Filmed part of “The Belle Song” Official Music Video


36.August 14, 2022, Performed at a Benefit


37.July 16, 2022, I Ciara and I were awarded the “Angels for 22 Award” for 2022, for Continued support, Constant Education and Awareness for Suicide Prevention, by 60 For 60 Mohawk Run Bikers Organization


38.May 30, 2022, performed at Jordan/Elbridge Memorial Day Parade Ceremony and Lead the Parade with Ciara Banner and Donna Marie. Met Andrew Giuliani, Rudy Giuliani’s Son who ran for NY State Governor


39.March 13, 2022, highlighted in “Metalhead Forever Magazine” article “A Band for Humanity/An Interview with Tom Collier of Held Hostage” Pg. 5


40.February 20, 2022, 4th Feature Story Wounded Warrior Project Warrior Stories Page “Gur-ever and Always: Veterans Eric and Ciara Forge Unbreakable Bond” over 6, 000 views and 240 shares 130 comments


41.January 20, 2022, 239th American Legion Private Party Benefit



42.December 2021, 3rd Featured on Wounded Warrior Project Twitter page, received over 13K views and 2,400 shares.

43.November 25, 2021, Orlando FL Performed at Beach Stage on Holiday Inn Club Vacations Resort

44.November 24, 2021, Orlando FL Performed at private party.

45.November 23, 2021, Performed in Orlando FL at Breeze Restaurant Bar and Grill

46.October 31, 2021, Dominic’s Sports Bar, Performed with Crazy Neighbors

47.September 25, 2021, Performed with TJ Sacco, at Rocky’s Bar Liverpool NY

48.September 24, 2021, Performed in Liverpool, NY

49.September 23, 2021, Performed in Liverpool, NY

50.September 18, 2021, Hannibal American Legion, Suicide Awareness Concert, performed with Held Hostage, and Cait Devin

51.September 15, 2021, Performed Syracuse, NY,W/ Crazy Neighbors

52.August 18, 2021, Performed at Shift’s in Syracuse NY

53.August 11, 2021, Performed at Private Party Jordan NY

54.August 10, 2021, Performed at 317 American Legion NY

55.August 5, 2021, Performed in Albany NY

56.July 31, 2021, Ride for the Memories, 60 For 60 Mohawk Run Benefit Concert, Cato NY

57.July 26, 2021, Performed Private Party Auburn, NY

58.July 4, 2021, Performed Syracuse, NY

59.June 20, 2021, Beach Party Concert NY

60.June 6, 2021, First Time Playing on stage with Held Hostage

61.May 24, 2021, Performed with National Act, Loki Burke AKA Kay Burke and the Miracle Cure Dominic’s Bar and Grill NY

62.April 28, 2021, Performed with National Act, Loki Burke AKA Kay Burke and the Miracle Cure 317 American Legion NY

63.March 18, 2021, Performed at 317 American Legion NY

64.March 14, 2021, Performed at 317 American Legion, NY

65.March 5, 2021, Performed Private Party Auburn, NY

66.March 2, 2021, Performed at Private Party Auburn, NY

67.February 24, 2021, Performed Private Party Auburn, NY

68.February 4, 2021, Performed Private Party NY

69.February 3, 2021, Performed Private Party NY

70.January 27, 2021, Performed Private Party NY

71.January 23, 2021, Performed Private Party NY

72.January 20, 2021, Performed Private Party NY

73.January 19, 2021, Performed Private Party Camillus, NY

74.January 16, 2021, Performed Private Party

75.January 8, 2021, Performed Private Party

76.December 25, 2021, Performed Private Party Auburn, NY


77.December 11, 2020, My Music Featured on


78.November 22, 2020, Performed at Benefit Concert with Held Hostage, and The Ben Cole Band


79.November 13, 2020, Performed Auburn, NY


80.November 7, 2020, 2nd Annual Coming Home Concert Honor Military Finger lakes Mall


81.November 2020, I won three awards for my writings at the Reginal VA Creative Arts Competition Syracuse, NY


82.October 31, 2020, Private Concert Jordan, NY


83.October 13, 2020, Performed Concert at 317 American Legion, NY


84.October 11, 2020, 317 American Legion Private Party Concert


85.September 13, 2020, Performed Concert at 317 American Legion, NY


86.September 2, 2020, Private Party


87.August 9, 2020, 317 American Legion Concert


88.August 8, 2020, 317 American Legion Concert


89.August 2, 2020, 317 American Legion Concert


90.July 16, 2020, Private Party Concert


91.July 14, 2020, Private Party Concert


92.July 10, 2020, Private Party Concert


93.June 14, 2020, Private Party Concert


94.June 10, 2020, Private Party Concert


95.June 7, 2020, Private Party Concert


96.May 30, 2020, House Party Concert


97.May 26, 2020, Featured in Legion Town USA online magazine “Army special Forces Dog, Turned Service Dog, Stars in Documentary.”


98.May 11, 2020, Performed at Moondogs Auburn, NY


99.April 2, 2020. Private Party Concert


100.March 8, 2020, House Concert NY


101.May 5, 2020, Featured in Syracuse University Documentary “Unexpected Bond” New House Media. This Documentary won 2nd place in the National CMA Film and Audio Festival


102.January 2020, Spoke to CCC Cayuga Community College Students about Suicide Awareness and PTSD


103.“2020 Department of New York VFW Veterans of Foreign Wars No One Does More for Veterans. 100 Anniversary Celebration 1920-2020” Hard Cover on pages 73 and 74



104.November 9, 2019, Coming Home Concert Finger Lakes Mall Center Court


105.October 17, 2019, 239th American Legion Building Fund Benefit Concert


106.September 10, 2019, House Concert NY


107.August 16, 2019, Performed at a Private Party in Binghamton NY


108.July 2, 2019, Washington DC Professional Photo Shot with MJPhotography


109.July 2, 2019, Performed Washington DC White House Lawn


110.June 4, 2019, Concert Syracuse, NY


111.March 2, 2019, Benefit Concert, The Center Auburn, NY


112.February 13, 2019, 2nd Cover Story Wounded Warrior Project Warrior Stories Page “Four-Legged Love and Support Helps Warrior Conquer PTSD” over 2,000 views,


113.Sunday February 12, 2019, Featured Cover Story “The Citizen” Auburn NY paper “COMING HOME” article.


114.February 2, 2019, Private Party Concert NY


115.January 19, 2019, Performed MoonDogs Auburn, NY


116.2019 Book “Making Music for Life” Rediscover Your Musical Passion” by Gayla M. Mills Featured on pages 4,5, 86,87, and 208.



117.December 6, 2018, Performed Concert Auburn, NY


118.November 28, 2018, Performed at William & Mildred Levine Ranch


119.November 9, 2018, 1st Cover Story Featured on Wounded Warrior Story Page. “Veteran Recovers Strength, Optimism Through Mental Health Telephone Support Program” Over 1,000 views and 65 shares


120.November 2, 2018, NYC, Auditioned for AGT America’s Got Talent at Jacobs Theater.


121.2018 Performed at Auburn Public Theater


122.June 10, 2018, Concert Auburn, NY


123.April 17, 2018, Performed in on Louisa Branscomb’s Ranch, by personal invitation. She is a Bluegrass Grand Old Opry Hall of Fame singer/songwriter. 

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