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I am and always will be a Country Boy who grew up in Northeastern PA. When I joined the US Army in 1995, I would have never known how much it would impact my whole life.

While in Iraq in 2005-2006 serving a year tour near the Turkish Border, I would fall backwards off a crane from a height of nearly fifteen feet and land on my head suffering from a TBI Traumatic Brain Injury.

Shortly after being discharged in 2007, I lost one of my best friends to Suicide. He served four tours overseas, between Iraq and Afghanistan.

I truly learned what 22 Veterans a Day committing suicide meant as this hit me hard. After getting my BS in Religion and my MDIV Master of Religion and Divinity, I too would stare down the life tunnel, as I suffered from contemplating taking my life as well three different times.

I lost my father to a brain tumor/Cancer in 2000 and suffered a massive concussion in 2015 as my family and I were rear ended, and our car would roll three or four times.

In 2018 my whole world would be flipped upside down, and I would never look back. The late, Ciara Heart of a Service Dog would capture my heart, and our Mission and Passion for Life came alive.

Our Moto is “Showing Others Purpose, and Making a Difference One Note at a Time”

I realized my writings I had done all my life, and struggles I suffered were things the whole world needed to hear about. People needed to see that through troubles and sufferings, that Triumph and Victory still could be achieved.

Through the Hand of God, the Paws of my Brown Eyed Girl, and the weaving of music and the Journey that has brought me here. We became a voice to the voiceless, hope for the hopeless, Courage for the Scared, and a person just like any other human, with faults and scars, that was willing to share so others could start the healing process. Music and advocating on so many levels have been such a big part of my own healing process in life.

Thank You for taking the time to find out a little about me. If you would like to share your thoughts, please go under the comments section at the bottom of our home page. . 

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